Fundamental tips for composing essay paragraph structure

Structuring is the base of composing any kind of any essay specially a 4 paragraph essay. Since there are only 4 paragraphs one should focus on the division of paragraphs. Listed below are the points on how to write a 4 paragraph essay.

  • A catchy Introduction
    The opening paragraph of your essay sets the tone and creates the first impression. One should introduce the subject interestingly in the introduction for a better impact. Some valuable points on how to approach the introduction -
    • Hook line for the Introduction
      A great essay should have a striking opening sentence in the introduction paragraph. This will help to grab the reader’s attention from the beginning. The first sentence has to be appropriate, relevant, and significant at the same time catchy. Using a short quotation, anecdote etc is also advisable.
    • Thesis sentence
      Ideally the first sentence should be the thesis sentence which actually states the main argument of the essay. It should be clear, direct explaining the particular approach for the essay.
    • Main Arguments
      One should list 2 main arguments which support the thesis sentence as pointers according to the significance.
  • Two main points in the body
    A 4 paragraph essay has only 2 paragraphs allotted for the body. These 2 paragraphs should portray all the details information, facts, proper statistics, references related to the argument. Keep in mind that only two major points can be covered in the body. Cover the most significant point in the first paragraph of the body. Now explain and elaborate these two major points with supporting information. But it’s advisable to have a single point in each paragraph. Covering too many points in only 2 paragraphs can be confusing for the readers.
    Treat each paragraphs of the body as micro essays –
    Write the first line of the paragraphs that clearly says the point.
    Then place the argument reasoning the point.
    At the end present the supportive facts and examples to prove the point.
  • A new conclusion
    Try to use new material for an impressive conclusion. It should be a summary of the whole essay clearly depicting the argument. But its not advisable to repeat information in the conclusion. You have to find out a way to create a new conclusion.

Finally don’t forget to revise and proof check thoroughly before submitting to achieve an error free great quality essay.
Thus proper structuring of the paragraphs in an essay helps you to maintain the natural flow which makes it easy to read and score good marks. Hire a writing service to get your paper done faster.