Main Criteria of 500 Word Essay Writing to Consider

500 word essays are the most common assignments in colleges. But writing a good 500 word essay within your deadline is not at all a simple task. Here are a few tips on writing a 500 word essay.

  • Choose the topic and select your approach
    Choosing the topic for your essay is the most important thing as this will attract readers. But if the topic is already given or cannot be changed then you have to concentrate on the approach. An attractive and innovative approach to an otherwise common and dull topic will also create an interest among readers.
  • Research your topic well
    A good research is the base of any good essay. Always research the topic thoroughly before you start writing. Research will help you to grasp the subject and incorporate your views. A good research will also provide you with the appropriate information you require to make your essay relevant and contemporary.
  • Structure your essay properly
    A good essay depends on how well you structure it. You have to wisely spread all the information throughout the essay so that it creates and sustains the interest of the readers while maintaining the normal flow of reading.
  • Keep the language simple
    The language of an essay is what appeals most to the readers. It’s always better to keep the language of your essay simple, direct and to the point yet interesting. However you have to also consider that essays are very formal writings – you cannot use conversational or informal language. As you have a word limit, try to be concise from the beginning. It’s better to avoid the words which you are not sure of.
  • Concentrate on the introduction
    The introduction is the most vital section of the essay – it needs more attention. An interesting intro leads the reader to the next sections of your essay. You have to find out your own way to make the intro interesting to hook the readers. However the most familiar way is to start with some shocking information. You can also try a popular trick – write the introduction after you complete the whole essay with added attention.
  • Make a reference List
    You have to make a list of all references and the sources used in your 500 word essay. A proper reference list or a bibliography is also a major component in a good essay. It’s advisable to note down all the references from the research level itself which makes it easy, saves time and at the same time minimizes errors.

In a nutshell these are the main qualities a 500 word essay sample should have. Analyze, digest and practice these points well to effortlessly produce an essay of high quality within your deadline or get a quality custom essay from experts.