What it takes to craft an essay about American history?

American history essay assignments are common especially during collage. It is best to present your history essay in an argumentative manner and if you are wondering about how to write one then here are some points which will definitely help you. In case you need help, read more.

  1. Selecting the topic.
    If you’re allowed, then select a topic which interests you. You may find early American history essay topics more interesting. Keep in mind factors like:
    • Is the topic too broad? Narrowing down the scale often helps.
    • Is the topic researchable? Are there enough materials available on it?
    • Does it contain an argument?
    If the topic is provided to you then you can do a question analysis to find out what the topic actually means. When you have understood the topic then you can try to think of an interesting approach to the topic.
  2. Organize the research.
    This will make or break your essay. You have to select your sources and go through them thoroughly to filter information which will help your essay. Often during this period along with defining your topic, you might also refine it in the light of resources available to you. To save time and confusion later, record all your sources in detail.
  3. Organize the essay.
    Create an outline of your essay and start filling up the details as you progress with your research. As you form your arguments, organize in detail all the thoughts and inputs that occur to you systematically. Try to start writing your essay as you go on with your research instead of planning to do it in the end.
  4. Think of an intriguing introduction.
    The introduction attracts the reader to your essay. It should have a hook to pull in your readers. An effective method to write an introduction is to write it last.
  5. Present your argument methodically.
    As you start presenting your argument in the main body of your essay, you expose all your sources, information, and thought process. You have to do this meticulously.
    • Write in a simple and straightforward manner.
    • Spread all the interesting points of your essay appropriately all over and make the transitions from one point to another seem natural.
    • Present all relevant data and facts properly.
    • Add proper citations to all your sources; it will increase the authenticity factor. If required add a separate bibliography page.

Lastly give your essay a good thorough read before submission. You will be surprised to find the number of mistakes.