Coming Up with Extraordinary Fahrenheit 451 Essay Topics

To search essay topics on the famous book “Fahrenheit 451” (author - Ray Bradbury) is not at all an easy task. One might find it really hard even after reading the book quite a few times. Here are a few Fahrenheit 451 essay ideas from company which can help you to write a high quality essay on this popular book.

  1. The evolution of Guy Montag’s character throughout the story.
    The character - Guy Montag is considered as the central character and goes through a major transformation during the whole story. The progression of the character is really fascinating. Its also easy to get a whole lot of details on this topic by simply reading the book.
    You can also write an argument as should Guy Montag be considered at all as the Hero or not and come to a conclusion with proper reasoning citing examples from the book.
    If you want to take a bigger challenge you can also choose a topic considering Guy Montag as the tragic character.
  2. The metaphorical use of Phoenix in the book.
    The metaphorical use of Phoenix is one topic which can be very interesting to write on . You can understand thoroughly how the characters of “Fahrenheit 451”, explained or introduced phoenix – be it Granger or Bradbury. You can add quotations on this from the book itself if required. Try to find a new angle or approach.
  3. Importance of Clarisse McClellan’s character in the growth of Guy’s character.
    Clarisse McClellan’s relationship with Guy Montag leads him to doubt his lifelong followed ideas. So the presence of this character in Guy Montag’s life can be a great topic to work on. You can also create an argument for the readers that if at all the character was essential for the hero’s transformation.
  4. How the last statement of Granger reveals a main theme of the novel.
    At the end of the story Granger says “the most important single thing we had to pound into ourselves is that we were not important” to Montag. This sentence has a major significance in the story. You can well research and explain how this statement portrays the central idea of this novel.
  5. How Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” is still relevant.
    Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” was published in the year 1953, but is still relevant in today’s society. The society is still the same and so it’s fascinating to see how the characters, the central idea, the philosophy of the book are still pertinent. This topic can be a very motivating and relatable for the readers. You can also concentrate on the contrast of 1953’s social scenario of United States and the present to get a great argumentative essay on the book.

These are just a few topics on which you can concentrate while writing a Fahrenheit 451 essay. But you can surely think of other interesting ones after reading the book again and again. Whatever topic you choose – just stick to them. It is not advisable to mix topics to avoid confusion among the readers.