Quality College Essay Topics to Inspire You 

Writing a college essay is one of the common assignments that you will probably be doing as a college student. Therefore, you must brace yourself for these assignments and acquire the necessary knowledge. This assignment counts a lot to your success because there is a lot tested about you during the assessment.

A college essay should always be succinct and clear. As a writer, you must put forward your thoughts in a well-planned manner that communicates to your reader. For that reason, it is good to know what you are writing about. Here are important tips to apply:

  1. Choose a specific topic. Avoid writing your college essay from a general point of view. Narrow down to a specific subject and let your reader understand what you are writing about.
  2. Research Your Topic Well. It is better to take some good time researching and thinking about what to write about before taking up your assignment. This will help you write a well-researched essay and in a good flow.
  3. Prepare an outline. Itemize your points before doing the actual writing. Come up with a list of items to cover in your writing before writing the actual essay. These points will keep you on track. As you write, you will know what next to write about the completion of a good-quality college essay.
  4. Write an Inspiring introduction. What makes a reader keep going? Well, the difference is in how you approach your essay. Demonstrate a good understanding of your topic by writing an excellent introduction. You will find an easy time writing your essay if you have taken the time to write a great introductory statement.
  5. Make it meaningful. Don't write your essay for the sake of it. Ensure that it is something interesting. Make it unique from other essay types that might have been written in the same area.


Important College Essay Topics to Write about 

College essay topics can be drawn from different perspectives such as trying to solve a problem, global communities, and diversity, interesting trends happening around the globe, and overcoming difficulties among other things. Creativity is required to help you remain unique and professional in your writing.

Now that you understand important considerations to make when writing a college essay, here are typical example topics to cover:

  1. Technology and its impact on business
  2. Today’s Globalization Impact on developing countries
  3. The rise of e-commerce 
  4. Education in the 21st century 
  5. The political landscape in Africa
  6. Helping Third World countries to grow
  7. Alleviating Poverty in Developing countries 
  8. Social justice and intolerance in the United States
  9. Healthcare among the elderly 
  10. Efforts made towards a food sufficiency in Africa 
  11. Climatic change amidst human activities 
  12. Real estate development and the risks involved


The Bottom Line

There are a lot of college topics for essays that you can write about today. The main idea is to come up with a creative topic that will create an interest among your readers. You could write about events, global trends or solutions to certain issues. The choice is all yours!