Mistakes to Avoid in a Personal Essay 

Writing a personal essay is an opportunity for you to tell a story about yourself or your thoughts on something from a personal perspective. Therefore, there are important things to put into consideration to make your essay professional. Despite being a personal essay, there are rules and guidelines to be followed. You should always be guided to write this type of essay just like is the case for other types of academic papers.

The approach to writing a personal essay is unique and different from other essay types. However, it should have an introduction, a body of several paragraphs, and a conclusion in the end. When writing your essay, make sure you make it as interesting as possible. Your reader will be looking for interesting information and this not entirely about yourself just for the sake of it.

Meeting the objectives of this essay requires that you blend in important aspects drawn from your experiences in relation to the goal of writing your essay. If it is about the pursuit of education, highlight life experiences that contributed to what you are learning at the moment. Here are mistakes to avoid when writing a personal essay:

  1. Ranting in your opinions. This is not a time to go hard with your perspectives. Remember that your experiences, whether good or bad, are not the ultimate experience for everyone. Therefore, this is not a moment to persuade the reader to take your opinions. Instead, give your audience the room to see things differently while at the same time be able to understand your position on the same.
  2. Fluffy Content. Even when writing about your personal encounters of life, avoid the temptation of including unnecessary information that is not adding value to your writing. Stay focussed in your writing and only include aspects that relate to the reasons for your writing.
  3. Imagining things and ignoring basic life experiences. When writing this type of essay, take a simple approach and use your day-to-day experiences in life. Don't be tempted to imagine things outside your real-life experiences.
  4. Using the same pick-up words and/or phrases. Don't be lazy by using the same phrases and words when constructing sentences and paragraphs. Be creative in your approach to avoid boring your readers.
  5. Avoiding Dialogue. One of the essays that go well with dialogues is a personal essay. It is much more entertaining and convincing to use direct quotes from a discussion than writing in third-person although. 
  6. Playing Safe. Life presents a mix of experiences, both good and bad. Therefore, include both rather than focusing on the good ones alone. 
  7. Taking harsh life experiences personally. Whatever bad thing that happened to you was to give you some life lessons. Don't sound remorseful when talking about harsh life experiences.


Final Thoughts 

Every essay is always guided by predetermined instructions that should be followed to the later. Therefore, you should take the time to study what a personal essay is all about and follow the guidelines for writing it. This will help you avoid these mistakes.