Useful Advice On Writing A Narrative Essay Thesis Statement

Narrative essays tell a story. In the first paragraph of your essay you will be expected to put in a line that explains where the rest of the paper is going in terms of its theme. That line is known as a thesis statement. There are three main things you should do to help yourself create a good one. They will be discussed here as well as the actions that they contain in more detail.

  1. Collect good sample essays. To do this you should:
  2. Find them online

    Any good search engine will allow you to locate examples of academic writing. People post their work online regularly (both good and bad). You just need to find the type of writing that you will benefit the most from. You may be tempted to look for just snippets of the essays that contain thesis statements but you need to see this part in relation to the rest of the paper to properly judge how well it was done.

    Ask your classmates to see their previous work

    Someone in your class may have written exactly the type of paper you require.

    Ask if your teacher will lend you one

    This is the best source for a sample that reflects what your teacher wants.

  3. Practice your technique. This can be done if you:
  4. Mimic your samples

    See how those writers took the theme of their writing and narrowed it down to a single sentence in the intro that directs everything else? Try to do the same thing a few times.

    Try to find your own style

    Having had some practice you can try to do things your own way now. You may stumble initially but you will get better.

  5. Get feedback:
  6. Ask your teacher to review your attempts

    The work that you produced just to practice your technique should be looked over by someone who can tell you how good (or bad) it has turned out. Look for this person and ask for their opinion humbly.

    Heed any advice you are given

    If after finding the information you still disregard it all the steps up until now have been useless. Implement the corrections and make them part of your methodology.

This list is fairly complete. By sticking to all parts of it you can create the type of thesis statement that makes your narrative essay shine.